2015-09-09_160603The focus is particularly to capture images as pure as possible. In concert or other performing arts photography, all aspects of collaboration are included, what is happening on stage is not the only thing that makes a production. Lighting, decor and especially expression are elements that I like to capture in my photos. The approach is to capture moments so that editing pictures hardly nescessary. Thus I lay the effort and creativity of the people behind the scenes also found in the image that you see. In other disciplines, these aspects are no less important, for example, an architect who has designed a building, a river that has paved its way through a rock …

My motto: “Take it all in as it reflects the creator.”

Robtix has several disciplines in photography:

  • Concerts and events
  • Landscapes and animals
  • Public and expressions
  • Cities and architecture
  • And more…
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