Final exam Jeroen van Santen

After four years of putting up with this big guy, not only in posture, but also at heart, it was time to see what he has learned at the institute where I work as facilities manager. Of course as a drummer you tend to have just a little more interest in your fellow drummers than the other students. No extra privileges towards them against the other students of course, it’s just that you know a little more of what they are made of…

As for Jeroen, of course his main subject teachers are some of the best you can get, extreme high level men of their trade and excellent tutors. For this I was not worried that Jeroen would not present himself well enough to show that he’s ready for the big world out there, I was more curious about the concert he was about to give and how he takes care of business as a band leader.
Knowing him as the friendly giant, I was overwhelmed by the energy this guy puts out on stage, all positive! He showed a wide variety of styles he could play, very tight on the click track and backtracks he played along with and his sound was huge! Well chosen buildup of the show and choice of musicians. This resulted in a final mark of 9 out 10!!! Jeroen, congrats!!!

I hope your time in my home country, South Africa will be as wonderful as the show you gave during your final exam!


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