May 30th

Whenever I get the opportunity to go die Gaste Garage in Germany to watch or participate in a concert either as photographer or recording engineer, I’ll do so. It’s so much fun working with these kind hearted people. The intimate envoirnment that has been created is exactly my cup of tea…

This time I was asked by my good friend en great drummer Juan van Emmerloot, to record the dubble concert in which he plays for both Snowy White and Peppino d’ Agostino. All Juan’s typical jokes and pranks where pulled of course (no tour would survive without them), also his and the other members’ proffesionalism was a feast to be part of. We set up three camera’s and I recorded the whole concert on my Korg MR2000 DSD machine. Of course I can not reveal the whole concert we recorded without permission of the artists, but one composition I am able to share with you. This is Juan’s composition for drums only called “Noisy neighbours”. This performance shows who Juan is and how he communicates, but most of all his musicality, his composing skills and craftsmanship on drums. For me it’s alway a blast working with him and watching him doing his thing. Click this LINK to see what I’m talking about!


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