26th September

How cool is this! I had been invited by my good friend and master drummer Lucas van Merwijk to participate in a composition he wrote for the celebration event of 200 years of Dutch Kingdom. The composition had to be played with 25 drummers.

Now what is really cool is that I invited a former student of mine to also join us and she on her turn invited one of her students, so there we were, three generations of drummers studying the piece toghether and getting ready to perform for the Dutch king and queen on live TV.

I guided a group of 5 young drummers, two where only 15 years old! I cant descripe how proud I am of my little group of drummers, how hard they studied on this complex piece and how they nailed it!

The performance was set on a schaffolding built over the famous Magere Brug in the centre of Amsterdam. Together with many famous Dutch artists we were a part of this huge production and I must add that I’m honoured to have had been part of it, thanks to Lucas and all the other drumming friends.

Click this LINK to see the show.

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